Committee members with Ambassador Grant Hackett and ‘Angel’ Amanda McLeay

Mary Steele

There are no words that can convey what it is like for a parent to lose a child.

The experience alters your life and permeates every fibre of your existence for the rest of your life.  It defines you in a way no one wants to be defined.

Although my grief will last my lifetime I know that I am truly blessed to be surrounded by generous people who – in my son’s name – are committed to saving others from this loss.

Preston gave so much love and hope in his short life, in his honour we are working together to give hope and love to others.

Belinda Gay

My involvement with the Preston James Fund began when I wanted to help my friend, Mary Steele, raise funds and awareness for children who have to be placed on life support.

The beginnings of the fund were challenging as I watched Mary deal with the grief of her loss, but we have come so very far and now I feel blessed to have been a part of this wonderful journey – for the funds we have raised and the results that we have achieved.

Our wonderful committee who volunteer their time make me believe in the true meaning of philanthropy.