I became involved with the fund in 2008 when my firm, Bentleys Accountants, was a corporate sponsor at the Madhatters Ball. In the corporate world, we often attend such events, where we host and entertain clients and network with other attendees. This event was different. The purpose in the room was different. The intimacy that was felt in the room was amazing. When our beautiful co-chairs, Mary and Belinda spoke, you could have heard a pin drop. I then approached Mary and Belinda to see what I could do to assist and haven’t looked back since.

I am a mum of 6 year old twins. I am blessed that they have been healthy during their 6 years. I know that could change tomorrow. It is heart breaking to think of the pain and anguish that other families face when their little ones are critically ill. I am proud to be involved with a fund that offers support in so many ways to the care of these families at a devastating time.